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Water Services Issue Tracker (WSIT)
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Database Administration: DBACLOSED303300
Enforcement Case Management System: ECMSCLOSED700706622
Feasibility & Implementation Readiness Studies: FS/IRSCLOSED707025
Green Drop Certification (GDS) Application : GDSCLOSED101100
GIS data: GISCLOSED138013812927
GIS data: GISOPEN110100
Server Administration: Infra-AdminCLOSED404400
IRIS - Dispute Resolution: IRIS - DRSCLOSED190191900
IRIS - Bulk Tariffs: IRIS - TariffsCLOSED303300
Integrated Regulatory Info System - Wastewater: IRIS - WastewaterCLOSED139901399139126
Integrated Regulatory Info System - Wastewater: IRIS - WastewaterOPEN981900
Integrated Regulatory Information System: IRIS - WaterOPEN272702700
Integrated Regulatory Information System: IRIS - WaterCLOSED193801938193062
Water Services Issue Tracker: Issue Tracker (WSIT)CLOSED220222200
Municipal Business Data and Intelligence: MBDICLOSED78078143430
Municipal Strategic Self-Assessment: MuSSACLOSED212021221200
National Compliance Information Management System: NCIMSCLOSED175017517401
No Drop: NDRPCLOSED101100
National Key Points System: NKPSCLOSED303300
Project Management Dashboard: PMDOPEN431310
Project Management Dashboard: PMDCLOSED1170117434232
Planning Maturity Matrix : PMMCLOSED4004021136
SITA Remedy call administration: Remedy CallsCLOSED471047147100
Technical Knowledge Centre (TKC): TKCCLOSED200202000
Web Applications/Software Administration: Web Applications ManagementOPEN220101
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