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WSKSNational Water Services Knowledge SystemThe National Water Services Knowledge System (WSKS), replaces the National Information System (NIS). This website contains data on a National, Provincial and WSA level regarding Demography, Basic Services Backlogs & Progress, Financial Perspectives, Projects and Free Basic Services.1.1ASP.NET 4
WSDPWSA WSDP Support ToolThe Water Services Development Planning Website displays WSDP Status, Contact Details and WSDP Checklist details on a Municipal level.3.0ASP.NET 4
IRIS - WaterIntegrated Regulatory Information SystemThe Integrated Regulatory Information System will initially serve as a tool to facilitate the relationship between Regulation and Management of Water Supply Systems, while also keeping relevant stakeholders informed on compliance trends of all registered supply systems. The objective of the Integrated Regulation Information System (IRIS) is to assist DWS Water Services Regulation to more effectively regulate the water services sector in South Africa. 1.0ASP.NET 4
IRIS - WastewaterIntegrated Regulatory Info System - WastewaterIntegrated Regulatory Info System - Wastewater1.0ASP.NET 4
IRIS - DRSIRIS - Dispute ResolutionIRIS - Dispute Resolution1ASP.NET 4
MuSSAMunicipal Strategic Self-AssessmentThe Municipal Strategic Self-Assessment (MuSSA) is an annual assessment undertaken by Water Services Authorities (WSAs). 1.0ASP.NET 4
ECMSEnforcement Case Management SystemThe Enforcement Case Management system allows DWS to capture a set of actions (administrative, criminal and civil) against non-compliance through opening and maintaining a CASE in the system.2.17ASP.NET 4
WSIPWater Services Performance DashboardWater Services Performance Dashboard that allow the management of Regulatory Actions against indicators1.0ASP.NET 4
Issue Tracker (WSIT)Water Services Issue TrackerThis website will facilitate user requests for data and issues plus tracking the progress throughout the process of replying to that request.1.5ASP.NET 4
NCIMSNational Compliance Information Management SystemThe NCIMS is a DWS Tool that assists the Department with Compliance Monitoring activities and actions. These activities/actions are to coordinate and monitor compliance with legislation (primary & secondary) standards. This also includes water use entitlement conditions and regulations across all sectors, including resource directed measures, dam safety and solid waste regulation.1.0ASP.NET 4
PMMPlanning Maturity Matrix Matrix to evaluate Maturity re data captured on Five year plans1.0ASP.NET 4
TKCTechnical Knowledge Centre (TKC)The Department of Water and Sanitation wishes to assist Water Services Institutions to find relevant technical information easily and thus stay abreast of developments in the industry. This webpage allows institutions to search for information and allows suppliers, researchers and other organizations to post information on their services, products and findings.5.0ASP.NET 4
CDLThe Water Services Planning Support Central Document/Data Library(CDL) SystemThe Water Services Planning Support Central Document/Data Library(CDL) System. Reliable document sharing.2.0ASP.NET 4
NKPSNational Key Points SystemNational Key Points System1.1ASP.NET 4
GSMGoogle - Geographic Spatial MapperThe Google - Geographic Spatial Mapper (GSM) provides a platform for displaying and managing spatial and attribute data on top of the Google Maps API. This website contains data on a National, Provincial, Water Services Authority (WSA) and settlement level regarding Demography, Infrastructure [dams, treatment works, etc.], Projects, Schools, Rivers, etc. presented as layers on top of the popular Google Maps interface.2.1aASP.NET 4
NDRPNo DropA system that allows users to capture an IWA water balance based upon which Revenue water, Non-Revenue water, Water Losses and other water balance related results are calculated and published.1.1ASP.NET 4
WSPDWater Sector Policy DatabaseThe Water Sector Policy Database website contains categorized Water Services related documents (Acts, Policies, Legislations, etc). Each document includes a précis and chapter summaries. An advanced Search function allows site visitors to locate documents with ease.2.4ASP.NET 4

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